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The Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas: The Easy Peasy Edition

November 13, 2020

It’s that time again! The weather is cooling down, your lattes have suddenly transformed into anything that remotely resembles the flavor of a pumpkin, and the leaves adorning the trees have taken on a magnificent hue. How wonderful it is to welcome fall back into our lives!

While fall may be a clear runner up for ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, with colorful leaves and ultimate ‘sweater weather’, fall also signals the beginning of the holiday season. Gulp.

Now some of you reading this (granted not all of you) may get little feelings of dread, or perhaps a twitchy eyelid ensues at the mere thought of hosting a vegan Thanksgiving dinner. Last year you gave it your best only to have your Aunt Betty file a complaint insisting that your vegan roast tasted like rubber. Sigh. This leaves you dreaming of summer. Hello flip-flops, goodbye holiday panic.

Well, my friend, don’t fret! NoPigNeva is here to take away your Thanksgiving day stress with some easy peasy and fabulously tasty vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas. These recipes are here to gain five-star reviews from the whole family, even Aunt Betty.

So What Do Vegans Eat For Thanksgiving Anyway?

If you’re newly vegan or plant-based, you’re probably starting to get used to the plethora of questions being hurled your way, starting with the classic ‘Where do you get your protein?’ along with the infamous ‘Isn’t soy bad for you?’ debate. Celebrating a holiday that is centered around eating a turkey may leave you perplexed on what to prepare for your omnivore guests and you may start to feel a little overwhelmed.

Vegans and those who follow a plant-based diet typically do not consume any animal products or animal by-products such as eggs, dairy, and honey. While this may seem like a lot to forgo on your holiday plate, we’re here to show you just how easy and delicious your vegan holiday dinner can be!

Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Omnivore Approved!

Any successful holiday dinner should include a variety of tasty appetizers, a talk-of-the-town main course, delicious sides to match, and of course, a mouthwatering dessert! So let’s get down to business and start planning your vegan holiday menu!

Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers

Everybody loves an appetizer! Whether it be finger food or an artistically displayed cheese platter, appetizers are the tiny food we all love to eat in large amounts (here’s looking at you, Aunt Betty). Much to your surprise, vegan holiday appetizers are no exception! At NoPigNeva we offer a simply exquisite vegan cheese selection that pairs perfectly with our Organic Porcini Mushroom Spread. Serve these items alongside a variety of vegan gourmet crackers, French bread, and green olives. You’ve just created a platter that is sure to please everyone (and don’t forget the toothpicks)!

Vegan Thanksgiving Main Course Ideas

When preparing a vegan Thanksgiving menu, you may be a little concerned about how you’re going to replace your main course, which is typically some type of roast, and generally speaking, a roasted turkey. While images of a chewy and rubbery tofu alternative may fill your head, please know that vegan food has come a long, long way from unidentifiable textures. You can now find many delicious and healthy meat alternatives and even have them delivered right to your door!

In today’s world, it’s getting easier and easier to find vegan substitutes to replace your old omnivore favorites. NoPigNeva has a wide variety of ‘mock meats’ that make for a wonderful vegan holiday roast. Check out this quick and easy vegan gravy recipe from Nora Cooks. This gravy pairs wonderfully with a deliciously tender vegan roasted whole turkey or served atop a plant-based meatloaf.

Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Sides

Now that you’ve got your amazing meat-free main course ready to go, it’s time to find your roast some close friends! Side dishes are a Thanksgiving dinner must have; and your vegan menu is no exception. While creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes are a family favorite, being vegan doesn’t mean you need to go without. This recipe from The Vegan 8 has mastered the art of the fluffy mashed potato. Top with a dollop of vegan butter and everyone will be lining up for seconds.

Part of being vegan means you really do love to eat your vegetables! This year, show your family how utterly mouthwatering vegetables can be with this easy and delicious vegetable roast from Feel free to get creative with your spices and seasonings!

Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

Hooray! It’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the meal! Dessert time. If there’s one thing that brings everyone together at the dinner table, it’s dessert. A slice of warm vegan pumpkin pie is sure to make everyone smile and this vegan pumpkin pie recipe from Loving It Vegan is pure pumpkin perfection. Don’t forget to top with a handful of vegan marshmallows for extra decadence.

When all the pie has been devoured, it’s time to bring out the coffee. Make sure to offer some delicious chocolate and almond coconut bites for dunking and vegan vanilla rice krispie treats for the kids.

We really hope you enjoyed our vegan Thanksgiving quick tips and recipe ideas (let us know if that eye twitch went away yet). Perhaps your delicious recipes will inspire others to join you on your vegan journey, maybe even Aunt Betty.

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