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Easy Vegan Holiday Recipes

Easy Vegan Holiday Appetizers

Start your holiday dinner off right with a gorgeous display of mouth-watering vegan appetizers that show your family and friends just how tasty vegan food can be! If you’re hosting holiday dinner this year, why not start out with a borderline decadent vegan cheese platter? Our almond cheddar artisan cashew cheese wheel and dairy-free cheezy cashew spread are perfect to serve with gourmet crackers and this five minute beetroot hummus recipe from The Clever Meal. 

For the meat lover in the family, why not wow them with vegan versions of their favorite holiday comfort foods? Pigs in a blanket may seem cringe-worthy to vegans but we can assure you that no pigs were harmed in the making of these vegan frankfurters. Use this tasty recipe from Well Vegan to calm the carnivores and have them lining up for seconds. For more comfort food indulgence, serve up a plate of vegan goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in vegan bacon. 

Are your guests still feeling munchy? Then it’s time to dust off your holiday-themed bowls and fill them with one of our vegan gourmet popcorn selections.

Easy Vegan Holiday Entrees

With the popularity of Beyond Meat and vegan meat substitutes, a traditional holiday roast is an easy vegan transition. NoPigNeva has a large selection of vegan meat alternatives to choose from. Impress your guests with a vegan holiday ham topped with spicy glazed pineapple or a whole vegan turkey and this simple vegan stuffing recipe from Minimalist Baker. 

If you’re tired of the more traditional holiday foods and want to jazz things up this year, then try out this recipe from Rainbow Plantlife for West African peanut stew. Serve with a side of our low carb Miracle Rice.

Sticking with the non-traditional route? Why not try baking up a hearty vegan lasagna from Hummusapien and top it with just like the real thing shreddable vegan parmesan cheese from Violife.

Easy Vegan Recipe - Main Dish

Easy Vegan Holiday Casseroles And Sides

Everyone loves a warm and comforting casserole dish and vegan casseroles are always hearty and filling. This vegan green bean casserole from The Kitchen Girl is soon to become a family favorite. Serve with warm French bread topped with our organic porcini mushroom spread.

For the seafood lovers, bake up a warm and gooey vegan tuna casserole with this easy recipe from Forks Over Knives adding in our fish-free tuna and topping with our creamy cheddar shreds from Daiya. 

Mashed potatoes are simply a must for your vegan holiday menu. Typically mashed potatoes are prepared using dairy milk and butter but the vegan version is just so easy! Use a few tablespoons of our vegan organic whipped butter instead of dairy butter, your plant milk of choice, and for some extra creamy goodness, add in a scoop of our sunflower based vegan cream cheese. How delightful!

Easy Vegan Recipe - Casseroles and Sides

Vegan Holiday Desserts

When dessert time comes around you’ll be ready with vegan versions of holiday classics. The best thing about vegan desserts is that they’re easy to make and always delicious!

Easy Vegan Holiday Cookies

Cookies are usually expected during the holidays. You may have grown up leaving them out for Santa or have fond memories of baking up a delicious batch of sugar cookies with your family. Cookies are a fun and easy holiday treat that everyone in the family enjoys. 

Start out by offering up this easy slice-and-bake vegan chocolate chip cookie dough or test out your baking skills making a batch of these yummy vegan lemon sugar cookies using non-dairy vegan buttery sticks and silken tofu.

Easy Vegan Recipes - Cookies and Sweets

Easy Vegan Holiday Pies

If it’s pie you’re after, we’ve got you covered! For a quick bite for the kids, hand out these fruit bars disguised as pies. They’re also great for adults too, but they may be more interested in a homemade vegan sweet potato pie from Loving It Vegan. If you want to add some extra holiday yum, drizzle with our vegan caramel sauce. 

It’s Time For Coffee: Vegan Sweets And Treats For Coffee Talk!

Once the dessert starts to settle, it’s time for some serious coffee talk around the table. Brew up some of the good stuff and offer your guests some dairy-free coffee creamer. If it’s chilly where you live why not serve some vegan hot cocoa? All you need is your favorite plant milk and a few teaspoons of this ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’ vegan hot fudge. Simply heat up your plant milk, stir in your desired amount of hot fudge, and pour into your favorite holiday mug. Oh, and don’t forget to top with some vegan marshmallows.

No hot beverage should go without a sweet treat for dunking purposes. Our vegan stroopwafels are perfect for a good dunk. Something more traditional? A vegan blondie is an easy win made from our easy to bake blondie mix. 

Eat (Vegan) And Be Merry!

We hope that you found this easy vegan holiday dinner guide helpful. Hosting a holiday dinner can come with quite a large helping of stress, vegan or not, so we want you to remember that all food aside, the holidays are meant to be a fun and joyous occasion. So gather your loved ones this year and eat, drink, and be merry! 

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