Vegan Scallops

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Savory Vegan Scallops for your plant-based culinary recipes!

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Finally the perfect Vegan Scallops for your plant-based seafood cravings!  These Vegan Scallops are made from soybean protein and definitely will have you looking for more.  Simply pan fry them in your favorite plant-based oil and add garlic to create a sensational addition to Pasta!  You will be incredibly thrilled that you decided to pick up these scrumptious Vegan Scallops!  You can enjoy them today at

Soybean Protein · Soybean Oil · Modified Potato Starch · Sea Salt · Sugar · Curdlan Gum · Vegetarian Flavor (Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Soybean Protein Hydrolsate, Mushroom Extract, Sunflower Oil, Flavorings, White Pepper) · B-Carotene · Oleoresin · Paprika

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