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Savory Vegan Scallops for your plant-based culinary recipes!

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Sliced desired vegetables (celery or carrots) and vegan scallops into small pieces. Suggested Stir-fry seasonings (1/3T Soy paste, 2/5T vegan XO sauce and a pinch of salt) with water. Once the seasoning boils, include vegetables and vegan scallops into the wok. Let it boil again and add 1/2T of cornstarch water to thicken. Serve hot and enjoy!


Preheat the oven to 350F. Line the scallops side by side on a baking pan with a little oil. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes to until slightly golden brown. Feel free to flip the scallops to bake the other side. Serve with sauce as desired and enjoy!


Finally the perfect Vegan Scallops for your plant-based seafood cravings!  These Vegan Scallops are made from soybean protein and definitely will have you looking for more.  Simply pan fry them in your favorite plant-based oil and add garlic to create a sensational addition to Pasta!  You will be incredibly thrilled that you decided to pick up these scrumptious Vegan Scallops!  You can enjoy them today at


Soybean Protein · Soybean Oil · Modified Potato Starch · Sea Salt · Sugar · Curdlan Gum · Vegetarian Flavor (Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Soybean Protein Hydrolsate, Mushroom Extract, Sunflower Oil, Flavorings, White Pepper) · B-Carotene · Oleoresin · Paprika

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Cant wait to order.

Can you please tell me the size? We guess 20/30? Or as large as U-12? Considering as an addition to our restaurant menu. You're really on to something here. Thank you

jacob k.
One of my favorites

Seriously. These scallops are the real deal. The texture is perfect and it's products like these that make being vegan easy. Thanks NoPigNeva!