Vegan Fried Egg


Taste and texture of a fried egg from 100% plant-based ingredients

Gluten Free

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* Thaw frozen Plant-based Sunnyside Up Egg in refrigerator overnight.
* Remove the brown paper backing (this keeps eggs separated in packaging, NOT for consumption).
* Egg is encased between thin layers of tofu skin. This skin is edible and does not need to be removed (Keeps the shape/structure of the Sunnyside Up Egg intact).


* Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to a nonstick pan
* Cook on low heat for 1 minute on each side (Egg cooks through quickly and may have a harder, rubbery texture if overheated/overcooked).
* Add salt and pepper to taste. Makes a great addition to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Our vegan fried egg is a 100% plant-based replacement. Using only natural ingredients, we have created a product that simulates the taste and textured of fried egg for use in your favorite dishes. It is great for breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, side dish and anything that is magically enhanced by a simple fried egg!


Non-GMO soybean protein, Non-GMO soybean skin, pea fiber, pea starch, sunflower seed oil, yeast, salt, brown sugar, paprika extract, carrot extract.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So good!

I randomly tried these a few months ago and was amazed by how good they are! Texture similar to real fried eggs but better tasting in my opinion. They are made so they get crisp on the edges. My kids like them better than actual eggs (I’m the only vegan in the house … currently haha). Well def repurchase. Glad they are back in stock!

christine rivera
Ok, but too expensive for me

Loved all the Be Leaf products we ordered. Tasty, but just not worth the price.