Vegan Bacon Strips


This vegan bacon is 100% Animal Free and the crispy authenticity is so savory

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Fully cooked, Simply reheat. Preheat pan or grill to medium high, add one (1) tablespoon of oil, then cook both sides for about five (5) minutes to desired level of doneness.


Our vegan bacon strips are thin, crispy, and taste like real bacon. This product is 100% Animal-Free, Non-GMO and contains zero trans-fat.


Non-GMO textured soybean protein, Non-GMO wheat fiber, wheat protein concentrate, konjac powder, vegetable root starch, white pepper, sea salt, brown sugar, sunflower seed oil, plant based vegan seasoning.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Johnson
Best Vegan bacon

I love this bacon. But it gives being a vegan a bad reputation. Each slice of this bacon is $ 1.50 without shipping. I like to have 2 to 3 slices with my breakfast at this price I can afford to go out for breakfast.

Very good!

More deli ham-like than bacon-like imo, but still good! The texture is soft but not super delicate like some other brands, so it works great for “bacon-wrapped X” recipes. The flavor is more mild, ham-like, and doesn’t have an overpowering smoky flavor like some other brands do. Overall, not outstanding, but still tasty and useful for certain recipes!