Vegan Jumbo Shrimp


Delicious Vegan Red Spot Prawns for your sensational Vegan seafood dishes!

Gluten Free, Soy Free

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Boil the vegan jumbo shrimp in hot water and let them cool down. Marinate with desired sauces. Feel free to serve cold, stir fried or stewed.


Enjoy these wonderful Vegan Red Spot Prawns!  You can saute them in vegan butter or even eat them stewed! These Vegan Jumbo Shrimp are so delicious that you will be constantly craving more!  A great addition to any Vegan Seafood meal!


• Water • Konjac Powder • Beta Glucan • Modified Potato Starch • Paprika • Sugar • Sea Salt • Carrageenan • Alginate • Calcium Hydroxide