Organic Vegan Cocktail Sauce


Delicious Organic Vegan Cocktail Sauce for dipping your favorite Vegan Shrimp!

Gluten Free, Keto, Non GMO, Organic

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We have a Vegan Cocktail Sauce for your favorite plant-based seafood!  Perfect for dipping in a Vegan Shrimp platter as an appetizer. Bring fullness to your next seafood sensation by trying Organic Vegan Cocktail Sauce!


Organic tomato puree (water, organic tomato paste), organic horseradish (organic apple cider vinegar, organic horseradish, water, salt), organic balsamic vinegar (organic wine vinegar, organic concentrated grape must), sea salt, organic parsley, organic tapioca starch, organic garlic, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, organic cinnamon.