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Vegan Food Grocery Store Shopping List

May 3, 2021

Just recently decided to go vegan?

No worries! NoPigNeva has got you covered.

As you start your journey to becoming a vegan, shopping for groceries can be one of the most tricky parts. From vegan cream cheese to nuts and seeds, a healthy vegan grocery list can vary. Getting the right routine down takes time.

Even those who have been vegan for years can easily get lost in the world of shopping for vegan groceries.

Thankfully, the future is now, and shopping for vegan products is now becoming a lot easier due to the growing numbers of vegan companies, producers, retailers, and shopping stores.

Nowadays, you can choose from meat alternatives to organic fruit and vegetable produce, plant-based dairy foods, sweets, and even dairy-free violife cheddar cheese!

Have no fear, the online vegan grocery experts, NoPigNeva, are here to guide you through creating the perfect vegan grocery list with some great industry advice for your plant-based diet!

NoPigNeva knows what’s up, after all, PETA listed us as a favorite vegan grocery store.

vegan grocery list

Creating the perfect vegan grocery list is easy!

As stated, with all the vegan food choices out there, creating the perfect list can be a little overwhelming.

But once you get the routine down, your kitchen will be packed with all of your favorite foods, even if you are new to the healthy vegan lifestyle!

A quick guide in creating a vegan grocery list

  • Start with general items – if you’re just starting out as a vegan, consider what food and other items you need from day-to-day first. You can start discovering new brands as you go.
  • Know what your body needs– before you embark on your journey, you have to consider your previous diet. Eliminating foods like meat and dairy will affect your body. So it is best to consider your nutritional needs while creating a vegan grocery list.
  • Research your options– Find out what stores and products are available near you. Do a quick online search, look for recommendations, or ask vegans that you know. Familiarize yourself with the grocery stores that offer vegan products and definitely consider online options as well.
  • Start listing– You can manually put it on paper, list it on your phone’s notes app, or use helpful platforms like the Vegan Grocery List or Veganized apps.

Where can you shop?

Times are changing!

A few years ago, vegan food shopping was not as easy as it is today. Most vegan products were sold in specialty stores and exclusive retailers. Meaning, it took time and sourcing efforts to find the foods for special vegan meals.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. You can pretty much find the vegan version of anything!

There are probably several chain grocery stores you already know of such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and maybe a local co-op that may have a solid vegan selection, but sometimes one store might only have some of the products you want while the other store may have the rest.

Grocery shopping can be a very time-consuming task and getting it done in one shot is not always an option while shopping in person.

This leads us to the next topic, why risk unnecessary travel by going to a store in person and sacrifice being able to get all your favorite products from one individual store?

Shopping in time of Covid

Unfortunately, we are still dealing with a global pandemic.

Grocery shopping is an exciting experience, pushing your cart, picking up products, and just exploring around. But safety and health should be a top priority, now more than ever.

During this time, it is recommended to take advantage of online shopping and luckily, there are online vegan grocery stores that make shopping easier than ever.

NoPigNeva offers hand-picked vegan products, from dairy substitutes, meat, seafood, snacks, and more. With a full catalog of premium plant-based food, you can order your favorite vegan groceries with just a few clicks and get them delivered straight to your door within a matter of days!

By committing to a lifestyle of online shopping, you are saving time and preserving your health.

After all, being vegan is a movement for doing what’s good for you and the planet, and right now, what you and the world needs is for you to stay at home as much as possible.

Is going vegan expensive?

Registered dietitian, Andy De Santis has said that eating vegan does not have to be expensive.

He further explained that vegan food is not so expensive if you thoroughly compare the costs and prices on where you source certain nutrients for your diet.

So, if you’re asking if being a vegan will require you to spend more on groceries, the answer is a plain no.

Of course, some vegan products might be a bit pricier but you don’t actually have to go all-in on the pricey goods.

The trick is in knowing what you need and getting just enough. For instance, plant-based coconut milk can be more expensive than traditional cow’s milk but buying vegan protein sources like tofu and beans will be cheaper than buying meat.

Finding the right balance by creating the right vegan grocery list for your budget to simply avoid overspending.

What popular brands are vegan?

With all the brands out there, it can be very overwhelming walking down grocery aisles, checking each packaging and ingredients list.

Here are some of the brands best brands you might easily find on a grocery stores shelf near you or online:



One of the top worries of people choosing to be vegan is “what about meat?”.

Well, Garden’s got you covered. Contrary to popular belief, being vegan does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the meat flavors you used to love.

Gardein offers a range of plant-based meat substitutes for chicken, turkey, sausage, beef, and many others. They also create flavorful meatless convenience foods, like soups, breakfast pockets, and other ready-to-cook meals that you can list among your groceries.


chive cheese

Miyoko’s is a popular brand known for its dairy substitute, especially when it comes to cheese. They offer a wide range of cheese styles mainly made from cashews.

The brand is focused on building an animal-free future for the dairy industry. They make creamy vegan products with all the best intentions aligned.


be leaf vegan drumsticks

BeLeaf Vegan is another awesome innovator and producer of vegan products. They make great vegan substitutes for some of your favorite stuff that you thought you might have had to let go of.

Yes, we’re talking about bacon, shrimp, jerky, hotdogs, nuggets, and more.

BeLeaf makes all these yummy products from 100% plant-based ingredients, making your vegan diet more enjoyable yet still guilt-free and healthy.


vegan feta

Another well-loved vegan brand is Violife, one of our favorite vegan cheese creators. Make sure to check out our detailed Violife cheese review displaying our favorite cheeses.

They make tasty cheeses in various styles like cream cheese, provolone, cheddar, and more.

Make an awesome cheese board with fresh fruit, vegan jams, nut butters, and fresh bread!

Which plant-based cheese is your favorite?

Follow Your Heart

vegan mayonnaise

If you rely on mayonnaise to put your sandwiches together, you are in the right place. Follow Your Heart is another trustworthy vegan brand that you might consider making a staple on your grocery list. They are famous for their all-vegan mayonnaise and they also offer dairy-free cheese, yogurt, and sour cream.

Bubba’s Fine Foods

bubba's snack mix

Got the munchies?

Bubba’s has a great selection of plant-based vegan snacks that you can grab for a quick craving fix. Vegan snacks are not always everywhere and are often limited when it comes to variations. Bubba’s Fine Foods is your new ideal brand for tasty snack packs of different flavors, ranging from righteous ranch snack mixes, flavorful banana chips, to healthy nut mixes.


Think of the following as the structure of your grocery list.

Of course, there will be pantry staples and important food that you should stock in your fridge. These vegan diet essentials should also make up for your day-to-day nutritional needs.

We also suggest you create a meal plan and try to incorporate the essential food items in it. With this, it will also be easier to create a shopping list and you can ensure that what you’ll buy is just enough.

Nobody likes contributing to food waste.

Here are some vegan groceries essentials that you should not forget:

Fruits and Vegetables

This may sound pretty obvious, but start your list with natural plant food produce, mainly fruits, and vegetables.

Stock up on available fruit, but try to know what is in season to stay on budget. If the ideal fruit and veggies are not in season, you can also go for frozen or fruit options. Dried fruit can be a great snack any time of the day!

Variety is of course very important to keep your vegan diet exciting.

In addition, think of planned meals and list the fresh produce you’ll need to cook for the week.

Protein Sources

Protein sources are must-haves for vegan since you will not be consuming meat products.

Grains, beans, and legumes, as well as nuts and seeds, are great sources of protein and other vitamins.

You can consider pea protein powders too, especially if you are at risk of having protein deficiency.

In addition to that, you can opt for plant-based meat substitutes as well as tofu, tempeh, and edamame.

Healthy Fats

You should maintain health-promoting fatty acids in your diet as well. Healthy fats can be found in plant oils like avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and nut butter.

Dairy-free Milk

There are several options when it comes to milk and dairy substitute. Soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and almond milk are some of the most common.

While these alternatives may have a slight bit of difference in taste, we recommend trying them all out to see what works best for you.

Pantry Foods

Grocery stores usually carry these dry storage items but finding the right brand of red lentils, nut seeds, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and whole grains are just some examples of how it might be difficult to source these ingredients along with other essentials.

These essential food products can help you make complete vegan meals.

You can always add some snacks, bread, vegan pasta dishes, herbs and spices, and more.

Just get creative!

Our Favorites

Check out some of the hand-picked staff recommendations from vegan experts, NoPigNeva! A vegan beginner will be amazed about the endless tasty food items!


In this day and age, you can pretty much make anything that you used to enjoy before committing to a plant-based diet. The following proteins are great for many different occasions!

Bartleby’s Seitan Chicken Cutlet

Seitan Chicken Cutlets

Bartleby’s Crispy Vegan Seitan Chicken Cutlets is a tasty chicken substitute that’s perfect for making a juicy chicken sandwich. All you need for this is a great vegan bun, pickles, hot sauce, and some great plant-based mayo.

The signature seitan is scratch-made and hand-battered to perfection. It’s made from vital wheat gluten, all-purpose flour, water, corn starch, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, pickle juice, baking powder, and spices.

The result is a flavorful chunk of satisfying vegan chicken!

Gardein Breakfast Sausage Patties

vegan breakfast sausage patties

Gardein’s Vegan Breakfast Sausage Patties is the quick and tasty treat that will jump-start your day. Its texture is juicy and perfect for sandwiches.

It is made up of soy protein concentrate, combined with seasonings and starch, making one flavorful meat-free sausage patty.

You can prepare it using a pan on a stove, your conventional oven toaster, or even in a microwave if you are on the go!


You can now shop all of your favorite vegan seafood options with ease. The diverse selection includes scallops, shrimp, crab cakes, tuna, and more!

Vegan Shrimp by BeLeaf

vegan shrimp

Get that real experience without anyone plunging anything from the sea with BeLeaf’s best-selling vegan shrimp.

The tasty vegan alternative is made with konjac powder, vegetable texturized, natural flavors, and then exquisitely shaped into shrimp form, made perfect for any shrimp dish you might think of.

You can add this wonderful protein to salads, vegan pasta dishes, shrimp cocktails or serve them as a snack.

May Wah Vegan Lobster

vegan lobster roll

Thought you’d never be able to taste the sophisticated flavor of lobster? Think again!

May Wha’s Vegan Lobster is a readily prepare vegan plant-based lobster that’s just perfect for a creamy, perfectly textured vegan lobster roll.

It’s made from yam flour and all-purpose flour, enriched with natural flavors, to achieve that excellent sea-fresh lobster flavor, made meat and animal-free.


Say goodbye to animal-product-based junk food and hello to deliciously flavored, healthy, cruelty-free vegan snacks! Shop our hand-selected plant-based snacks along with your other favorite vegan groceries!

Bubba’s Fine Goods Grand Garlic Parm ‘Nana Chips

bubbas grand garlic parm 'nana chips

Bubba’s Fine Goods gives banana chips a savory twist with their Grand Garlic Parm ‘Nana Cheese. This low-sugar snack is made from green Saba bananas and thoughtfully flavored with garlic, parmesan, and spices, made to satisfy any snacker’s craving.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

mushroom jerky

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is a 100% meat-free, healthy, chewy, and tasty snack that you can munch on anytime. It’s made from shiitake mushrooms and seasoned with avocado oil and Himalayan pink salt, combined with natural flavors.

Who knew vegan jerky can have so much goodness in it?


We love candy at NoPigNeva. We even wrote an article about our favorite products along with other knowledgeable information such as ingredients, selections, and what to avoid!

Find your favorite fruit, chocolate, marshmallow, or peanut butter candy along with other quality vegan goods in NoPigNeva’s epic candy selection.

Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs

salted caramel mallows

Mallow Puff’s irresistible vegan salted caramel marshmallows coated in Belgian chocolate is one for the dessert books.

Its rich, vegan bite-sized goodness will surely stay on your grocery list for while.

Mallow Puffs is also available in Rasberry and Vanilla Bean flavors.

Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups by Go Max Go

Clea’s Peanut Butter Cups is the perfect blend of chocolate and smooth peanut butter, made into cute little cups, just waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth. The vegan sweet treat is dairy-free and gluten-free but is guaranteed to be the creamy treat you have been waiting for!


Awesome vegan bakery staples are always made with quality ingredients, and of course a whole lotta love!

Enjoy the freshly baked bakery items along with many other vegan categories shipped right to your door.

Happy Camper Organic Burger Bun

vegan wild buns

The Happy Campers Organic Burger Buns (and the tasty sandwich bread) are a gluten-free, hand-made bread that you should not miss.

They are simply great for veggie sandwiches and vegan burgers. Happy Campers bread have no soy and no refined sugar.

This healthy bread can be a great pantry staple.

Abe’s Wild Blueberry Mini Muffins

abes mini blueberry muffins

Enjoy delightful, blueberry-packed mini muffins for breakfast or a mid-day snack! The fresh, moist, fruit-flavored texture matches the quality and authenticity of how grandma used to make them!

Pantry Goods

Herbs and spices, breakfast cereal, black beans, steel-cut oats, grains, baking soda, baking soda, coconut milk are items that will likely be found in your pantry. Check out the following vegan favorites that are bound to be on your vegan grocery list.

Follow Your Heart Vegenaise Tartar Sauce

One pantry add-on that deserves a spot in your grocery list is Follow Your Heart’s Vegenaise Tartar Sauce. This incredibly savory sauce pairs best with plant-based seafood meals.

The quality sauce can be used as a spread or dipping sauce!

Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast

It might seem a bonus, but nutritional yeast is a great staple for a vegan diet, and we highly recommend Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast. The nutrition-rich powder has protein, calcium, iron, thiamine, and other vitamins.

It can be easily sprinkled or mixed to meals, bread, sandwiches, and other food, adding a certain cheesy and nutty flavor to it.

Let’s go shopping!

Starting and maintaining a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle, like many things, begins with preparation and plans.

Your vegan grocery list will be perfect in no time, but it will take a little discipline and dedication in getting it fine-tuned!

From vegan cream cheese, green beans, tahini, sesame oil, and sour cream to dried fruit, apple cider vinegar, snap peas, and coconut oil, NoPigNeva has epic foods to create a wholesome vegan meal every day of the week!

Remember to keep your budget and needs in mind. Plan meals so you can list the ingredients you need.

If you’re still unsure, let us help you!

Easily navigate through our different categories to start shopping for premium vegan products, hassle-free. NoPigNeva has everything covered, from meat substitutes, cheese, dairy, snacks, baked goods, processed fruits & vegies, even salad dressings, pasta sauce, you name it, we have it!

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Do you have any vegan grocery shopping secrets? Let us know in the comments!

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