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Our Top 10 Vegan Cheese Picks

April 8, 2021

Craving that cheesy goodness that’s both yummy and guilt-free?

You came to the right place.

Vegan grocery extraordinaire, NoPigNeva, is here to break down the best dairy free, plant-based vegan cheese options on the market!

Let’s be honest, cheese makes everything taste better. But the truth is, the dairy industry has a scary background.

We, vegans, have given up eating foods that are simply bad for the planet.

Does this mean we have to give up on eating delicious foods?


No matter what your reason is for becoming vegan, we have good news for you. The vegan food industry is growing rapidly. More and more plant-based food options are becoming available and if you are looking for the best quality options, you have come to the right place.

NoPigNeva is the premier online vegan grocery store. We are proudly a 100% woman owned, 100% black owned company doing our part to help make the planet a more sustainable place.

You may have seen us on PETA’s favorite online vegan grocery delivery services.

You can shop premium vegan cheese products, meats, seafood, snacks, bakery, pantry, and prepared goods that go way beyond what you can find in local groceries and supermarkets in one convenient place!

So, let’s dive in and go through some info about a thing we know pretty well: vegan cheese!

What are most vegan cheeses made of?


Vegan cheese can be derived from a wide range of plants, depending on the style, taste, and texture of the cheese that is needed. Believe it or not, these plant ingredients produce cheese that is just as good, (or even better) than those that were made from milk.

Some of the most common ingredients to create vegan cheese are…



Soy has become one of the most common animal product alternatives, like milk and meat. It is also one of the common bases for vegan cheese due to its texture and taste. Soy or soy protein like tofu is usually combined with oils and flavorings to craft it into cheese. However, some soy-based cheese may be blended with Casein, which makes the cheese not vegan.

Nuts and Seeds

These are commonly used for milk, nuts are also used to create cheeses. Tree nuts such as cashews, almonds, pecans, and macadamia, are a common base as well as edible seeds like sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The nuts or seeds are often soaked, blended, and fermented using traditional cheese aging bacteria to become vegan cheese.


Starch is another base ingredient used for making vegan cheese. Common starches use flour from tapioca, potato, corn, and arrowroot, among many others.

Nutritional Yeast

Yeast has been used as a substitute for powdered cheese. It can be close to the flavor of cheese and has high amounts of nutrients and protein.

Coconut milk, cream, or oil

These ingredients are used as a base or as an emulsifier. Additionally, aquafaba, or the liquid from canned chickpeas is also used in making stretchy cheeses, as well as other plants, like aloe vera and carrageenan.

What are some of the best vegan cheese brands?

With so many different kinds of plant-based cheese alternatives, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options!

There are some great tasting brands that offer vegan cheese with close-to-real or even tastes better.

From bigger vegan cheese producers to smaller independent businesses crafting artisan cheese, NoPigNeva hand selects the best vegan cheese products out there.

Here are 7 of the awesome cheese brands we recommend.


Violife is a highly-rated and trusted brand when it comes to dairy-free cheese. They offer a wide range of vegan cheeses that they guarantee to be ‘just like’ your regular cheese. Crafted free from lactose, gluten, soy, and nuts with no GMO ingredients and preservatives. Violife’s cheeses are safe and free from allergens, so people can enjoy them with no worries.

Most of their cheese products are made from coconut oil and modified starch from potato and corn.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet specializes in crafting vegan spreads, dips, dressings, and, of course, cheeses. They offer shredded vegan cheese in cheddar and mozzarella, as well as flavored blends, Italian (mozzarella and parmesan), and Fiesta (pepper jack and cheddar).

The brand features some of the best selections of sliced cheese, blocks, and specialty cheeses like grated parmesan and feta crumbles as well as dairy-free cream cheese.

Most of their vegan cheese products are free from gluten, lactose, and soy, but have a creamy and rich taste, texture, and flavor.

Tofutti started out offering ice cream alternatives which have been loved by many vegans. And now, they are a industry leading plant-based brand! Tofutti offers a range of plant-based cheese products, including American sliced cheese, plain and flavored cream cheese, and ricotta. They also have a milk-free sour cream.

Tofutti’s vegan cheeses are Kosher Parve, certified Halal, and are free from milk, lactose, dairy, gluten, butterfat, and cholesterol.  

Miyoko’s was founded by Vegan Chef Miyoko Schinner, Miyoko’s Creamery has made a name for making great-tasting dairy alternatives for every right reason. Their cheeses are mostly made from cashews and coconut cream.

They combine traditional processes and advance food science to produce vegan cheeses that are free from GMO ingredients, palm oil, lactose, and soy. Some of their cheeses are even fortified with 3 grams of plant protein too.

Daiya Foods offers a range of plant‑based, dairy‑free, allergen‑free food and ingredients. They created a line of vegan shredded cheese products ready to use for many great recipes. Daiya’s cheese products are gluten-free, soy-free, and contain no eggs, peanuts, nuts, fish, or shellfish, making it safe for anyone with extreme allergies.

A fun fact about the company, the name Daiya was a play on the words Dairy and Dayaa which is Sanskrit for ‘loving, kindness and compassion. So choosing Daiya is actually trading dairy for love, kindness, and compassion. Pretty cool, right?

The Uncreamery is San Francisco’s first vegan creamery that offers a great range of flavorful cheese made out of nuts. They craft nut-based cheese alternatives with the quality traditional cheese from cashews and almonds. So if you’re not that into soy-based cheeses or those from starch, the Uncreamery may be a great brand to discover.

Among the traditional cheeses, The Uncreamery also offers flavored ones as well as a tasty vegan Nacho dip.

Vtopian is a brand you should not miss. They offer vegan cheeses with great twists. Check out the strong Caramelized Onion Camembert to the sophisticated Cranberry Brie Artisan Cheese, they have plenty of choices that will surely make your vegan cheese board exciting.

Vtopian is a Portland-based business that offers great vegan artisan cheese from cultured cashews and locally sourced ingredients. They use healthy whole ingredients and no artificial colorings or flavorings at all. Their cheeses are high in magnesium and rich in protein, iron and of course flavor.

Our Favorite Vegan Cheese


Can’t choose where to start?  

We picked some of the best cheese varieties that are a must-try!

Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese
Your bagel needs some smooth and creamy vegan cream cheese!

Tofutti’s take on vegan cream cheese spread has been one of the top-rated cheese alternatives you can find in the market today. A wheel of their plain cream cheese has a blend of natural plant oils from soy, palm fruit, and olive mixed to a soy protein/tofu base.

The Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese works great for dips and spreads, or even for some guilt-free cheesecake. This vegan cheese can also be mixed with savory dishes, sweet pudding, or even milkshakes to give it that creamy taste without needing dairy.

Violife Just Like Feta
Comfort food to look forward to: flavor-packed summer feta salad with juicy heirloom tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and pickled onions!

The Violife Just Like Feta contains coconut oil, potato starch, and vegan flavorings, plus it has vitamin B12.

Violife’s feta cheese block is ready to use. Simply chop it and toss it in your favorite salad or melt it into some Portobello mushroom for some quick snack. It is also perfect for your vegan Gyros or as toppings on your shepherd’s pie.

Baby Blue Artisan Cashew Cheese

This plant-based blue cheese hits hard in a delicious vegan Cobb Salad!

From the Wendy’s Nutty Cheese range of Wendy’s Vegan Kitchen, the Baby Blue Cheese will give you that sharp and salty cheddar flavor combined with a pungent creamy texture, just like the traditional blue cheese. It is made from cashews, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, and flavorings giving it that kick of tanginess.

Crumble the Baby Blue Artisan Cashew Cheese atop your salad to give it a hint of blue cheese goodness. You can also mix it with dips and dressings or jazz up your regular vegan pizza with it.

Daiya Vegan Cheddar Shreds
Everything is more exciting with Vegan Cheddar Cheese.

The Daiya Plant-Based Cheddar Style Shreds is a perfect dairy-free alternative to rich stretchy cheeses that you have been craving for. It is rich in flavor and smooth in texture and it melts and stretches when you heat or bake it. The delightful cheese is made with tapioca starch, canola and/or safflower oil, coconut oil, yeast, and flavorings.

You can use the Daiya Cheddar Shreds to make the perfect gooey grilled cheese sandwiches or a yummy mac n cheese. You can even top it on your pizza and enjoy that stretchy cheesy fun.  

The Goat Sunflower Goat Cheese
Quality soy free, low fat, creamy vegan Goat Cheese!

Enjoy some goaty flavor and texture without harming animals! It is a plant-based goat cheese alternative that’s Keto-friendly and has no gluten, nuts, and soy in it. It is made from organic sunflower seeds, water, coconut oil, and natural flavors, plus some probiotic cultures.

This vegan cheese gives you that earthy flavor of goat cheese while giving the earth a little more benefits too, as sunflowers use 96% less water to grow compared to nuts.

Enjoy The Goat by topping it on your pizza or spreading its creamy goodness on toasts, bagels, and sandwiches, It can also be mixed with dressings, dips, or pasta sauces.  

The Uncreamy Vegan Brie Wheel on NoPigNeva
Bold, exciting, and mouth watering Vegan Brie!

For some fine and sophisticated cheese taste, The Uncreamery Vegan Brie is such a flavor-rich and creamy alternative. It is made of cashews and contains tapioca starch, coconut oil, chickpea paste, as well as aloe extract, apple cider vinegar, carrageenan, white wine, and other natural flavoring and texturizers.

With its strong earthy aroma, you can enjoy The Uncreamy Classic Brie with your wine, pair it with fruit and organic jam for the perfect cheese boards, or enjoy a sandwich with apple slices, arugula, and olive oil. You can also bake it and use it as a dip or spread, and mac n cheese recipe to give a little twist.  

This delightful vegan brie is as diverse as you are!

Miyoko’s Fresh Vegan Mozz
Add this flavor Fresh Mozz to your home-made margherita pizza! We guarantee you will be a huge fan of this dairy alternative.

Made from organic cashew milk, Miyoko’s Italian Style Fresh Mozzarella Cheese gives you that traditional mozzarella di bufalo taste with a creamy and smooth texture. It melts and browns too.

Along with the cashews, it contains organic coconut oil and tapioca starch as well as other plant-based flavorings. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, soy free, and lactose-free.

Miyoko’s Fresh Vegan Mozzarella works great with pizza, caprese salads, paninis and fresh summer salads!

Violife Just Like Parmesan Cheese Wedge
Grate it up! Flavor packed Vegan Parmesan Cheese to write home about!

Violife’s Just Like Parmesan Cheese wedge lets you enjoy the sharp cheese taste combined with a hint of fruity and nutty flavors. Made from rice and potato starch and blended with vegan flavorings, it is free from soy, gluten, lactose, nuts, and preservatives.  

Violife’s Vegan Parmesan Cheese will absolutely complete your pasta dishes and even your salads. You can also add it to dips, pair it with some crackers or wine, add it to soups, sprinkle it on your garlic bread, or even on mashed potatoes.

Tofutti Better than Ricotta on NoPigNeva
Stuffed Shells, Baked Ziti, Lasagna, Pizza, you name it. This vegan cheese is on point!

The Tofutti Better than Ricotta is a versatile dairy-free cheese that enhances anything it comes in contact with. It has that subtle sweetness just like a traditional Ricotta cheese but made better: Kosher, non-GMO and has no gluten, lactose, dairy, or milk of any kind.

It is derived mainly from natural oils and soy protein and/or tofu, blended with vegan texturizers and acids to achieve that smooth texture and unique taste.

You can use the Tofutti Vegan Ricotta cheese to cook some authentic Italian dishes like ravioli, calzones, lasagna, cannoli, and more. You can even add it to other pasta dishes, dips, and more.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Provolone Cheese
Melty Cheese Slices for the perfect vegan grilled cheese sandwich!

The Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Provolone Slices will surely satisfy your cravings for its dairy Italian classic counterpart. It is made to have that mellow smoky flavor along with the perfect creamy taste and texture of a traditional Provolone that you will surely love.

With potato and corn starch as its base, it is combined with coconut oil, olive extract, and natural flavors. It is non-GMO and contains no gluten, soy, or dairy products.

Straight out of the package, you can add Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheese slices to sandwiches or lay it on top of any dish that used to need dairy cheese. It’s a perfect vegan alternative and you can also eat it as a snack if you like.

Other great dairy alternatives

Very few people are raised vegan. With that, a lot of us grew up consuming dairy products. But more and more alternatives are now emerging to let us enjoy creamy food in a cruelty-free way.

Some other non-dairy products to look forward to:


Milk is widely used by many as a beverage or for their cereals and for cooking creamy recipes, soups desserts, and more. So once you go vegan, it seems like an immediate worry of what will be your alternative to cow’s milk. Have no fear! The fine folks at NoPigNeva are here to help!

Like cheeses, there is plant-based milk and some of the most common are coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, and cashew milk.

NoPigNeva offers some great milk alternatives for various uses. Some of the must-tries are :


Another dairy staple that you might have trouble finding a non-dairy alternative for is butter. It is essentially created from churned milk so it is not that easy to duplicate using plant-based ingredients. But there are now vegan butter that’s non-dairy and are healthier options. Vegan butter products are often created from organic vegetable oils like coconut, olive, and sunflowers.

NoPigNeva offers the EarthBalance Organic Whipped Buttery Spread and Soy Free Margarine Spread that you can add to toasts, bagels, and sandwiches.


The classic comfort food and snack, made from the cacao plant usually have an ingredient list that is non vegan due to being blended with milk to have that creamy flavor that hugs the taste buds.

The good news is that you don’t actually have to let go of the happiness that chocolates can give you even as you go vegan. There are plenty of vegan chocolates that will satisfy your cravings.

One of the best examples that you can find at NoPigNeva is Schmilk’s Original Chocolate Bar as well as a Toffee Schmilk Chocolate Bar, which is made from cocoa butter, cashews, sunflower lecithin, and other organic plant-based flavorings.

Some other notable dairy-free chocolate products that you should not miss like the Nosh Bar Vegan Chocolate Snack, Revol Snax Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites, and the Vegan Toasted Marshmallow Hot Cocoa.

Let’s go shopping!


Cheese and other dairy products are staples in most kitchens and pantries all over the world. You don’t have to fully eliminate them from your pantry or erase their taste on your palate, but you can replace them with better options: healthier ones that are non-dairy and 100% plant-based.

It’s okay to crave a rich and creamy snack, food or drink because you can always go for the non-dairy products that are thoughtfully developed to be good for you and the earth. You can now savor cheese without harming animals and that makes your cheese worth enjoying even more.

Find your favorite cheese NoPigNeva’s catalog. Share this with a friend who might be looking for vegan cheese alternatives or share your thoughts and tell us about your favorite vegan cheese and dairy-free cheese recipes.

You can also check out NoPigNeva’s full range of vegan dairy alternatives and enjoy great-tasting creamy products guilt-free.  

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