Vegan Ricotta Cheese

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It’s finally here, the first vegan ricotta cheese alternative, crafted by the wizards of dairy alternatives at Tofutti! Now you can make your favorite Italian dishes with the perfect dairy-free replacement – you’ll be able to create spectacular pastas, pizzas, calzones, lasagna, ravioli, cannoli and more with this handy tofu-based ricotta.  

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You have come to the right place for hearty Vegan Ricotta Cheese by Tofutti!  This delicious vegan ingredient works perfectly for your stuffed shell pasta dish or any other culinary creation you have in mind!

Water, expeller blend of natural oils (palm fruit, soybean and olive), tofu, soy protein, maltodextrin, vegan lactic acid, natural blend of gums (locust bean, guar, cellulose, xanthan and carrageenan), brown rice, agar agar, vinegar, organic sugar, vegetable mono and diglycerides, sea salt

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So Impressed with Tofutti's Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Heard a lot about Tofutti and I am so glad I tried it. Such creamy vegan ricotta cheese.

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