Vegan Lobster


Vegan lobster ready for your homemade lobster roll. Just add lemon juice, hearts of palm, and a dash of Old Bay for the summer favorite you’ve been dreaming about. No animal products whatsoever, just a little taste of Maine without a trip to the ocean.

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Boil the lobster in hot water, and let it cool down. Slice the lobster and marinate with desired sauces. Feel free to serve cold, stir fried or stewed.


Leave it up to NoPigNeva to carry Vegan Lobster in New England. This flavorful protein will leave you wanting more. Make that Vegan Lobster roll you have been craving with sliced red onion for a summer recipe treat or soak in melted vegan butter and enjoy!


• Water

• Yam Flour

• All Purpose Flour

• Salt

• Calcium Hydroxide

• Seasoning Flavor

• Oleoresin Paprika

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
L valentino
Don’t bother

It was the biggest disappointment. My granddaughter is a vegetarian so we thought it would be a nice way to include her in our 7 fishes dinner. It was totally inedible. Like a large rubber dog toy. No flavor in spite various sauces. An expensive land fill item. Don’t bother a waste of money. We threw 18 dollars in the trash. The only thing that would make it better would be a refund to my son in law that thought he was doing something nice for his niece.

Ms. Moore
Vegan Lobster

I wouldn't call this vegan lobster. I had high hopes for the product, but it was more gelatin like that lobster or even meat texture. I would not recommend or buy product again. I don't know what product Betty (1 of the reviewers) received but this definitely was not close to or in the same ballpark as a lobster.


For how long do you boil it?

Trey A.
Great for traveling!

I tour with a live rock and roll band. As a vegan, it is a challenge finding tasty, high quality food on the road. The NoPigNeva Vegan Lobster (plus all the other groceries) make it way easier and way tastier!

Lynda Parker
My kids love it!

My kids are not vegan but they love this Vegan Lobster. They make Vegan Lobster omelettes all the time. Really love the texture!

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