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The History of Truffle Vegan Chips

July 21, 2021

While chips don’t always have to be made from actual potatoes. Sometimes another form of produce will deliver the same delicious taste and satisfying crunch.

One of our favorite approaches to chips is truffles. 

Vegan or not, most people will agree that these addictive snacks boast incredible flavor.

Keep reading to find out more about this delicious potato chip style.

What is a truffle?

When you think truffle, many people often think of chocolate

But the real king of cuisine is actually a fungus. Subterranean fungi to be exact. Unlike chocolate, which is man-made, truffles are naturally occurring and far more precious.

Don’t be fooled, just because truffles are considered to be mushrooms, does not mean that they’re any less scrumptious than chocolate. In fact, many would argue that they are even more of a treat!

Keep reading for some great truffle snack recommendations and put them to the test.

Where do truffles come from?

Unlike most mushrooms that pop up from the ground, truffles actually grow underground. These exotic ingredients are often found near the roots of trees such as oak and hazelnut.

Thanks to fungivores (animals who feed on mushrooms) who spread the truffle spores as they travel from place to place. There are plenty of these tasty little fungi to go around, as long as you know where to look.

While truffles are considered a rare delicacy, they are actually found in various parts of the world, including the UK, Spain, France, and Australia.

What do they taste like?

There is a reason that truffles are so sought after; they are delicious. 

Whether you add them to gourmet meals or snack food, salty or sweet, truffles improve the flavors.

But what do they taste like?

Imagine a nut, wrapped in chocolate, and infused with earthy goodness.  Sounds delicious, right?

It’s also worth noting that the taste of the truffle also depends on the type of truffle and where they come from, which only adds to the extravagance and grandeur that comes with this strange delicacy.

Perhaps some of the most popular, however, are white truffles, and the ever-loved black summer truffles.

Are truffles vegan?

Yes, yes, and yes. 

Grown in the earth, truffles are a vegan delight to be enjoyed by everyone.

As we mentioned before, truffles go great with everything, especially Black Summer Truffles, which can be added to many recipes such as potato chips, lactose-free cheese, and even condiments

Are Vegan black truffle potato chips healthy?

In a study carried out by the BBC, the British media giant outlined various strengths of being on a vegan diet. One of which is that vegans have a lower rate of heart disease compared to their carnivorous and vegetarian counterparts.

It’s even better for the environment, with a 2016 study from Oxford, claiming that if everyone became vegan, the world’s food-related emissions would drop by 70% by 2050, which is substantial.

Torres Black Truffle Chips

Torres Black Truffle Chips

One of our favorite vegan chips is Torres Black Truffle potato chips. Imported from Spain, they are made with real black truffles sprinkled all over them. Unlike many other potato chips, these Torres chips have a small and simple list of ingredients: Potato, sunflower oil, salt, dehydrated black summer truffle, and truffle aroma.

Not only are they a truly delicious snack, but these potato chips are great for those with food sensitivities.

With their unique truffle flavor, these chips are great on their own or alongside other delicious vegan meals such as organic shredded BBQ jackfruit or even some vegan drumsticks, making them perfect for a post BBQ snack.

Where can I find black truffle chips?

So, we’ve established that these black truffle chips are not only healthy but a promisingly delicious snack, but where can we get some?

With the rise of veganism, more and more stores are filling their shelves with vegan items, but none have stepped up in such a bold way as NoPigNeva.

Dedicated to bringing delicious and exciting new flavors to vegans and vegetarians alike, NoPigNeva has quickly risen through the ranks to become a favorite place to shop among the vegan community.

Who is NoPigNeva?

NoPigNeva was started with a passion for vegan food, this company is 100% plant-based, 100% vegan, 100% women-owned, and 100% black-owned.

Situated in the heart of Woburn, Massachusetts, NoPigNeva is your new go-to for all things vegan. This awesome grocery store is committed to bringing you a rare selection of hard-to-find vegan goods and delivering them right to your door.

And for those of you who find yourselves coming back for more, they offer two memberships, both of which include a 10% discount on every order. 

What are some other awesome vegan chips?

There is an incorrect assumption that vegan food is bland. That any recipe lacking animal products would taste like birdseed, and NoPigNeva is here to prove everyone wrong. 

With a myriad of choices to ensure the senses, NoPigNeva has formed its brand around the promise of bringing interesting and delicious vegan food to the masses.

Does NoPigNeva have the best vegan chips selection?

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips aren’t the only delicious food available at NoPigNeva. While you are browsing their products, be that online or in person, why not add the following to your cart and give your senses a pleasant surprise.

Try these delicious snacks and be the judge

Blazing Buffalo ‘Nana Chips

bubbas nana chips

A perfect on-the-go healthy snack, whether you are peckish between meals or dashing off to meet up with friends.

Ingredients include kettle-cooked low-sugar Green Saba bananas, organic apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil, garlic, cayenne, mustard, celery Seed, and onion.

Not-cho Nacho ‘Nana Chips

bubbas nacho nana chips

Love vegan cheese? Love salt? Well, mix the two together and throw in some delicious kettle-cooked bananas and you have Not-Cho Nacho ‘Nana Chips. A perfect movie snack for anyone who loves a savory treat. They’re even grain- and gluten-free, meaning more people can enjoy their crunchy goodness.

Ingredients include Green Saba bananas, nutritional yeast, organic apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, smoked paprika, sea salt, mustard, Chipotle, chili, tomato powder, onion, and garlic.

Vegan Goat Cheese Chips by Plant Snacks

Vegan Goat Cheese Chips by Plant Snacks

Made from Cassava Root, these chips have a mouthwatering vegan goat cheese flavor and are sprinkled with garlic and onion powder for that extra kick. Oh, and look out for those notes of rosemary for an added surprise, making them the perfect partner for any dip!

But the best thing about these chips? They are soy-free, tree nut- and peanut-free, gluten-free and come with no added sugar. What more could you want in a chip?

Healthy snacking is great for the soul

For the longest time, Vegans have had the short end of the stick when it comes to delicious items. 

Now, thanks to shops like NoPigNeva, with more products than you can count, vegans will no longer have to watch their friends eat fun and exciting snacks while they munch on the end of a raw carrot. 

With great customer service to help you with all your needs and prices that won’t break the bank, NoPigNeva is a vegan paradise.

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