Vegan Stroopwafel by Stroop Club (8 pack)


Wafer cookie + caramel = our favorite snack! Throw in the fact that this perfect sweet treat is 100% vegan and you’ll never look back!

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The classic dutch sweet!

A Stroopwafel  (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈstroːpˌʋaːfəl] is made of two thin wafer cookies and a gooey caramel center. This classic is simple, but the godly combination results in a wonderful, sweet snack enjoyed by anyone! Seriously who doesn’t like a good stroopwafel?

Originating from the city of Gouda, around the late 18th century, the heartwarming treat was only a local delicacy until popping up around other Dutch cities in the late 1800’s.

The good news is: The Vegan Stroopwafel by Stroop Club (8 pack) has hit the market! This means earth and animal lovers can enjoy the same delicious and beloved sweet without worrying about animal harm!

Enjoy the authentic Netherland’s taste of this delightful snack in the 8 pack and share with all your friends or pick up a simple two-pack, but make sure to always keep a hidden stash!

Unbleached wheat flour (enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid), glucose syrup, sustainably sourced palm oil (from Colombia), non-bone char sugar, soy flour, molasses, sea salt, oat fiber, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, soy lecithin, baking soda

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Vegan Stroopwafels? I'll have 8!

Oh man, I love living in the future. Stroop club has figured out how to make the perfect Vegan Stroopwafel. I shared these with my Dutch friends and they were highly impressed!


I can't stop at one! This vegan stroopwafel is my favorite sweet treat!

10 Stars for this delicious Vegan Stroopwafel

I love it! When I was a kid, my favorite part about flying was getting a stroopwafel on the airplane, after I became vegan I thought I would never be able to enjoy them again until I came across the online vegan grocery legends at NoPigNeva. I keep a strong stock of these at home and my non vegan friends can't tell the difference.

Every bite brings great childhood memories!

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