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Vegan Shrimp by Be Leaf

Our Vegan shrimp practically dances off your plate, with the juicy, yet crunchy texture of real shrimp. Dip in cocktail sauce or add to dumplings for a vegan-friendly feast. 100% animal free.

Is Vegan Shrimp Really Healthy?

Whenever someone hears about a vegan substitute for any animal product, one of the first questions is usually “is it healthy?” While the answer will depend on the specific products, there are definitely many healthy vegan shrimp substitutes. If you’re worried about replacing your shrimp craving with a potentially overly processed food product, then just […]

Vegan Shrimp: Our Favorite Plant-Based Seafood

Picture this: A plant-based shrimp po’boy with delight full vegan tartar sauce, a side of crispy chips, and a nice, cool, glass of organic lemonade.  Sounds pretty good, huh? Vegan shrimp, among other plant-based seafood, like salmon, tuna, and more are now readily available! This is great news for us vegans. It’s easier and tastier […]

Vegan Shrimp: Your Guide to the Best Plant-Based Seafood

If you’re vegan and craving shrimp, it’s not as hard to find vegan options as you might think. There are vegan shrimp products made by a number of companies that will give your plant-based diet the protein it needs! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of our favorite brands and recipes for vegan shrimp. […]

Vegan Food Grocery Store Shopping List

Just recently decided to go vegan? No worries! NoPigNeva has got you covered. As you start your journey to becoming a vegan, shopping for groceries can be one of the most tricky parts. From vegan cream cheese to nuts and seeds, a healthy vegan grocery list can vary. Getting the right routine down takes time. […]

Vegan Lobster and The Benefits To The Environment

One of the most common reasons people decide to go vegan is environmental concerns. The environmental benefits of living a vegan lifestyle are well-documented. However, the general view of the issue isn’t all that well-rounded. Vegan lobster is a great and tasty alternative with endless benefits. More dedicated vegans consider the leather, fur, and cosmetics […]

The Perfect Vegan Barbecue

Spring is here so it’s time get grilling! Fire up the grill, enjoy the nice weather, and take in the vibe of the new season. NoPigNeva believes that vegans do not have to miss out on good food, especially the grilled masterpieces. It’s easy to get the The Perfect Vegan Barbecue going! We just need […]

Vegan Cooking Basics

If you’re new to veganism or perhaps just curious about all the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, you may feel a little intimidated by learning how to cook new foods. But don’t worry! Preparing and cooking vegan meals is remarkably easy to learn and delivers many unexpected payoffs. Not only will you save a […]

Why You Should Ditch Dairy This December

It’s eight in the morning and you’re standing in line at your favorite local coffee shop. You’re deciding what to order as you listen to the person in front of you ramble off their laundry list of demands for an overly complicated order. You roll your eyes as they ask the barista yet again for […]